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[01 Jan 2024|09:53pm]

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EMMA FROST [31 Dec 2023|09:56pm]
NAME: Emma Grace Frost
AGE: 30
BIRTHDAY: September 21
GENDER: Female
Emma is an ambitious, manipulative and vain woman. Years of rejection from her parents hardened her heart, honing her manipulative ways and drive to get what she wanted, whatever way necessary. Typically a cold hearted woman, she is fiercely competitive and self confident, her powers rivalling even Charles Xavier, making her one of the most noted telepaths in the world. While her powers are very similar to Xavier's, Emma Frost lacks the same basic morals and has in the past abused her powers for her own benefit. Unconcerned with scruples or morals, Emma is known to exploit her own abilities to gain her own desires.

While she has the brains to secure herself intellectually, Emma falls on her charm, wit and looks -which are accentuated with cosmetic surgery. Emma can, has and will, use her sexuality to get what she wants. She thrives on the power she can obtain through it. Of course, Emma does have a persuasive way with words; practically willing to get her own way, whatever way, Emma will bend the truth as much as needed, and possibly keep her word if it works well for her own drives.

Her genius intellect and savvy business sense makes for her wealth in her own right, funding the Hellfire Club with her late father's companies and money, coupled with a few smart business investments gained through less than usual channels. She has a very dry-wit and is a very proud and self-sufficient woman. Having relied on people in the past and been burned, Emma tends to close off from trusting people, making it difficult to trust her in return. While she can appear loyal, it is never truly known if she will remain that way.

Emma's romantic interests almost always have something to offer her. In her position of power, she is aware of the token piece she would make, her abilities help to render that near impossible. Coupled with her own drive for power, Emma isn't an easy woman to please.

Unfortunately, she is a romantic at heart. Gifts, surprises, candle light dinners; she is rather susceptible to being wooed, and like all girls, rather prone to falling in love. Usually with the wrong person. What she looks for is a strong willed character, someone she can butt heads with along the way, someone strong enough to take her will and dish it back, all the while coping with her rather high maintenance requirements. She's a firm believer in passion, but realises that it's not all that holds a relationship together.

Her ambitious nature needs someone who is able to keep up with her, but someone who is still able to turn the tables on her now and then. In the past, Emma has taken lovers for the simple thrill of bedding them, she is not above using her sexuality to get what she wants and nor is she against doing so. More than once, this tactic has come back to bite her when she fell for her 'mark' against the odds.

As a powerful woman within the higher class of business, Emma's social skills are beyond par. Despite the façade of being a sweet, caring woman, Emma plays her part and puts forth a required image for not only her company but the continuation of business with several of the Hellfire associates.

She does have a rather social nature however. Emma enjoys company beyond that of the stifling seriousness of her co-workers and those under her command within the businesses. Partial to music and good food, Emma is often fond of a good night out at a fancy restaurant with a close friend or even a group of acquaintances. She likes to laugh, she likes people who make her laugh, and can often find time for those whom she enjoys without the requirement of ass-kissing.

Although she is partial to a good bit of ego-stroking as well.

HEIGHT: 5'10"
WEIGHT: 100lbs
HAIR: Blond
EYES: Blue
At 5'10", Emma is a svelte, toned, slim woman with blue eyes and fabulously glorious blond hair. At least, it's blond now, it used to be brown, but Emma's of the opinion that blond is better.

Emma has a taste for the finer things in life. And this extends to her wardrobe. Her clothes are all carefully fitted, some even custom made just for her. A wide range of her clothes come in white, a throw back to her White Queen title and Emma does so glow while adorned in the pure colour. Even if she's anything but pure.

Emma's style is dedicated to showing off everything she has. All her clothes hug her body, accentuate her appearance and look like they were made to be worn by her. She favours pant suits, elegantly cut and pristine. Light blouses and occasionally tank tops -usually linen or silk, will accompany them along with the tailor cut suit jacket to match. When Emma feels especially feminine, she'll break out the custom designed dresses that fit perfectly.

While most would describe her as clean cut and elegant, Emma does like her clothes comfortable. It's just as well she's very comfortable in sky high heels and clinging clothes then.

A lot of money has been spent on making Emma the embodiment of perfection, although some freckles litter her shoulders, Emma is more than happy with the perfection she views her body to be. There is a small, delicate tattoo on her hip, a carefully designed rose bud, fully opened and bloomed. The red ink on her pale skin stands out starkly when it's show off -which isn't often.

On the side of her left breast, there's a small scar from a surgery that Emma endured for her job at the club prior to taking over the club. She since had the operation reversed.

Exceptionally well educated, Emma's speech reflects her private schooling and privileged upbringing. Her accent is nearly non-existent, and anything that remains is of a slightly British origin. Each of her words are carefully spoken and almost always carry a weight of warning or praise. Her vocabulary is used to illustrate her moods as well as her expressions and her tone usually indicates her intentions very well.

It's not enough to say that Emma commands attention, she feels it is deserved and just her belief of it is sometimes enough to make it happen. She's strong and confident and eyes are usually drawn to her on principle of the near perfect creature entering the room. She's sure and cocky at times, but with the power and grace to back it up with her carefully constructed persona.

Powers & Abilities
ALIASES: Diamond Heart White Queen
AFFILIATIONS: Hellfire Club X-Men
Psychic Powers: Emma Frost possesses telepathic abilities matching those of Charles Xavier is an Alpha level mutant. Cited as a "World-class telepath" and a "Psi of the Highest Order" capable of extraordinary telepathic feats which include:

♦ broadcasting and receiving thoughts; Emma is able to pick up on psychic 'calls' and send messages directly to the mind of those she wishes. This is limited by distance and barriers in the mind she broadcasts too.
♦ mild mind-control; Emma has displayed abilities in controlling actions, reactions and thoughts of those around her, gaining her favour and power. By implanting her will in other people she can control them to the point of carrying out actions they normally would not themselves. Emma cannot, however, force anyone to put their lives in mortal danger. It is also completely possible for her to lose the control of the person mid-way through an action as the will power or stimulus around can affect her ability to keep control.
♦ altering perceptions and memories; a stem off from her mind-control, Emma can alter the memory of certain instances in order to suit herself. She can also lock memories from the conscious mind. This is not always permanent, and the will of the person affected can hinder Emma's ability to alter these memories or perceptions.
♦ projection of offensive blasts; this creates a blast of psionic energy causing mental pain of unconsciousness. This is a concentrated burst of power straight into another mind is her most powerful psi attack depending on the force she puts behind it.
♦ psychic surgery; the utilization of pin-pointed psionic energy to exert absolute control over individual brain functions. While Emma is capable of this, she has yet been able to utilize it fully and it remains untapped and untrained.

Organic Diamond Form: Emma's secondary mutation, the ability to transform her body into a flexible organic diamond form, offers her a range of secondary abilities aside from her telepathic powers:

♦ superhuman strength; in diamond form, Emma's physical strength is increased to superhuman levels. At her peak, she is able to lift approx. 2 tons.
♦ superhuman stamina; while transformed, muscle tissues become infinitely more efficient than the organic musculature of a normal humans, or most other organic beings for that matter. Emma's muscles produce almost no fatigue toxins during physical activity, granting her almost limitless superhuman stamina, or at least until or unless she is forced to resume her normal state.
♦ superhuman durability; the diamond form renders Emma highly resistant to most forms of physical injury. She is able to resist great impact forces, such as being repeatedly struck with superhuman force, without being injured. Her body is also resistant to temperature extremes, able to withstand temperatures as cold as -320 Fahrenheit or as hot as approx. 7,362 Fahrenheit before her form beings to melt. Frost is also self contained while transformed, requiring no food, water or oxygen.

For Emma's diamond form, she must transform all parts of her body, rather than selectively transforming certain areas and can remain in this form for an in-determined amount of time. If she is rendered unconscious, Frost's body will automatically transform into its normal state. This transformation also alters Frost's personality, causing her to become rather cold hearted and to lose her empathy for others.

PARENTS: Winston & Hazel Frost
SIBLINGS: Christian, Adrianne, Cordelia
Emma Grace was born into the very wealthy Frost family, daughter to the powerful, cold, ruthless and domineering Winston and his highly medicated and unsupportive wife Hazel. Emma did not get along well with her father, or her sisters, Adrienne and Cordelia, however she did have a good relationship with her brother, Christian. While growing up Emma received little support from her family, and strived to meet her father's far too high expectations. It was in high school that Emma developed her mutant powers, discovering she could read peoples minds, she discovered that her teacher, Ian, believed she was beautiful and intelligent, after he drove her home one day, she kissed him. But Adrienne recorded it, and Winston used it to get Ian fired. With the internal backstabbing of her sister Adrienne and her father's underhanded tactics, Emma quickly learned the art of blackmail and sneaky deviousness. When her father saw that she was a lot like he was in his youth -cunning, ambitious and intelligent, he proposed that Emma would carry forth his fortune and empire. However, Emma was bitter and angry towards Winston for his dismissal of his gay son, placing him in a mental facility rather than accept that Christian was gay. Emma left her family, leaving the wealth and security of her father’s money and ended up homeless for a while.

It was on the streets that she met Troy, an attractive man who offered to let her live with him. Emma later found out that Troy owed money to a local mobster, Lucien. Emma devised a plan in which she was held to ransom, so that her father would pay off the last of Troy's debt. Winston refused to pay and Troy was killed. Lucien planned to kill Emma, until Adrienne leaked the ransom demand to the press, forcing Winston to pay the ransom. Lucien got the money, but still intended to kill Emma. It was then that Emma used her still growing telepathic and psychic powers to turn the mobsters on each other, and convincing the others to release her.

Emma took the money and enrolled in University. It was here that she met Ian once again, and a fellow telepath, Astrid Bloom, who mentored her in using her abilities. Still in love with Ian, Emma and he began dating, until Emma discovered that Ian had attacked her roommate, much like Emma had been previously by a basketball player. It didn't take long for Emma to discover that Astrid was behind each attack, her mental manipulation of each male forcing them to attack the women. Enraged, Emma attacked Astrid with her powers, leaving her friend comatose, in the same act, the outburst of Emma's powers resulted in the triggering of her secondary mutation; her organic diamond form asserting itself into her powerhouse, settling with the psychic abilities as new, but growing, power. When Emma revealed her mutant powers to Ian, he rejected her. The harsh rejection of someone she believed accepted her shattered Emma's faith in humans and resulted in her closing herself off to them and hardening her heart, much like her father had always wanted.

Following her graduation from University, Emma struggled in locating a position for herself, even with her business degree. She was unwilling to exploit her powers to get her way, determined to prove herself without her powers. Eventually, however, Emma's situation led her to apply for a job as a stripper with an exclusive club called 'Hellfire'. Her natural beauty and elegance secured her the position and Emma slowly climbed her way through the pits of the seedy group, slowing becoming more and more aware of the anti-mutant principles of the leading members of the Hellfire Club's 'Lords Cardinal', the leaders of the society. It was then that Sebastian Shaw, an ambitious lower member of the club approached Emma about a potential take-over. Emma saw this as her opportunity to get off her knees and stop begging for scraps. Shaw, a mutant with absorptive powers, led the charge, Emma using her own mental abilities to render the inner circle oblivious to Shaw's attack. That night, Emma Frost was no longer a nameless stripper on the floor, with Shaw taking position as the Black King, Emma became his White Queen.

Together, Shaw and Frost rebranded the Hellfire Club, dismissing the old titles of 'Lords Cardinal', branding the top tier as the Inner Circle and appointing new heads throughout the branches. It was just after the take over that Emma received word of her father's passing, five years after her mother had medicated herself to death. With the matriarch and the patriarch of the Frost family in the ground, no one was more surprised than Emma that Winston had neglected to change his will following Emma's defection from his control. As a result, Emma inherited full control of the Frost empire, including the properties not inhabited by Adrienne and Cordelia, Frost International and Winston's overseas accounts. The Hellfire Club received a significant boost in funding, much to Shaw's pleasure and power grew exponentially.

With her position within the Hellfire Club secure, Emma sought further development throughout the United States. The Boston branch was secure. New York, however, was untamed territory. Transferring her board through to the New York office of Frost International was not difficult, nor was securing the Hellfire Club New York base for further expansion. Separating from Shaw long enough to spread her own vines of connections was the boost that Emma needed to entice her control. Her own endeavours were paramount in importance and Emma could launch her own manifesto against mutant oppression and continue to gain power through intimidation, bribery, manipulation and control. It was in New York, during fundraisers and charity events for the reputation and publicity of Frost International, that Emma met Dr John Sublime.

Sublime was charming, intelligent, a genius in his field and decidedly flattering. On the whole, he didn't want into Emma's pants, or her wallet, either. Which only endeared him further. Emma didn't anticipate his treachery to any degree. Following a savage and destructive attack by a Sentinel, Emma was rendered comatose from trauma and mental anguish; Sublime used this moment to carry out his intended plan all along, removing several of Emma's ova cells while she was unconscious and vanishing without trace. Unaware of this, Emma's recovery from the attack was fairly slow paced, moving her back to Boston and the comfort and security of the more contained Inner Circle, while her mind, and indeed her body, readjusted itself.

Following the Sentinel attack, the groups plans against humans that would oppress and kill mutant kind. With a more focused and collective goal in place, Emma returned to New York to manage the affairs with a group of the Hellfire's circle with her.

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